What is the best diamond size for painting?

For beginners, the recommended diamond painting size is small. This will give them less work to do, so they don't get tired of the project so easily. Diamond painting can be a long and complicated process at first. It can get tired if you have to make a big painting, so you should start with something small and manageable.

Diamond paintings come in all kinds of sizes, from small (20 x 17 cm) to large (60 x 45 cm). A general rule of thumb when deciding what size is right for your image is that smaller images have much less detail when complete. If you're buying a diamond painting kit, you'll want to make sure the final size is right for the type of image you want to create. For example, a full 20 cm by 20 cm diamond painting will require 6,400 diamonds.

So, to get the same quality as that of 20 cm by 20 cm for 40 cm by 40 cm, you will need 25 000 diamonds. The idea behind diamond painting is very similar to painting by numbers, but instead of using paint, you'll use small gems to create a beautiful shiny picture when you're done. Move on to large paintings that require even finer details once you've done ten small or medium diamond paintings. However, it is possible to make a diamond painting on a canvas with a cross-stitch pattern, which means that you will have to choose the right size of the canvas.

Diamond paintings of faces or animals are best suited for large sizes that show details of the characteristics of each face or animal. The canvas is larger than the picture, and when the diamond painting has full coverage, the entire image is glued. If you use a cross stitch kit, you won't have to worry about the size of the canvas needed to complete the image, as the kit will provide you with everything you need, but if you want to use a cross stitch pattern instead of buying a kit, there are simple ways to figure out what size canvas you'll need. Most of the time avoid buying diamond painting kits that only have the pictorial representation of what the work is about.

Diamond paintings come in various sizes, and there are good reasons to choose one size or another. Completing a diamond painting and seeing the finished product is satisfying and motivates artisans to want more. A lot of people have continually questioned me about the size of the diamond painting that is ideal for them. Even though the name is self-explanatory, custom diamond painting is a distinctive process that offers you the pleasure of choosing your most precious photo and we will transform it into a lifelong masterpiece for you to commemorate.

The small diamond frames are suitable for children who cannot concentrate on an activity for long periods. The simplest thing to learn is that each color is magnified when a photo is metamorphosed into a custom diamond painting kit. Just keep in mind that increasing the size also increases the price, so pay close attention to how much you pay for your painting when selecting sizes.

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