Are square or round diamonds better for diamond painting?

Diamond painting kits with square drill bits often feature more complex designs than those with round diamonds. Measuring 2.5 mm, square diamond drills are smaller than their round counterparts. This allows for more details per square inch, so they are preferred when creating more intricate works of art. Creates a more complete and complete painting.

Square drill diamonds look a little cleaner than round drill diamonds. They align more easily and create a fuller mosaic look when enjoyed from a distance. Round diamonds, especially in larger sizes, have a brighter appearance similar to glitter. They are usually preferred by beginners because they are easier to put on the canvas without needing to have straight lines; the exact placement of the pieces is much more forgiving without needing too much adjustment.

This shape works best on larger works of art because it is usually quicker to place. As they have no corners, round diamonds can create visible gaps in the image. They are more visible for smaller canvases. However, from a distance, the gaps are compensated by the color of the background and become imperceptible.

Due to the cutting, round diamond drill bits look brighter. However, square diamonds are also not less brilliant by any means. Only its shape and cut make the difference. Round diamonds are not only easier to pick up, but they are also easier to stick on the canvas.

Because round diamonds are the same at all angles. But all four sides of a square diamond must be perfectly aligned with each square of the canvas. Therefore, be more careful when sticking square diamonds. In addition to 3D and 5D diamond drill bits, some drill bits have an additional shine due to their iridescent coating.

While a diamond ring made with a square diamond is more perfect, it does not allow you to make mistakes in the process. Round diamonds seem to stick better to the diamond pen, making the transition look smoother. If you lose the round diamond bits a little on the canvas, it won't show up in the final result, nor will you have to use the smoother to create a smooth line. If you want to try diamond painting for the first time and want an easy project that is relaxing, hassle-free and you don't care about gaps, choose super bright round drills.

Regardless of what exercises you decide to do, the result will be a glorious diamond painting that you will gladly show to your friends and family. In my opinion, expert users preferred to work with squares, while the less experienced ones had an easy time with round diamonds. There won't be any space left between them, and that's what you get with square diamond drill bits. Square diamond drill bits give more depth due to their cut, and you can see the finest details even from afar.

So, you have a choice, do you go with that and use round diamonds for that painting or do you choose a different painting? I just started this PWD hobby and the picture I ordered is an owl and it's a square drill, I love it but it's a little difficult to do because it's hard for me to see it and now I've ordered a picture with a round drill. The sharp line and lack of gaps make square diamond paintings artistically amazing to see and easy to maintain. Round diamonds always come with the same color background as diamonds, so you can barely see the spaces, also the print has a round shape, not square.

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